About Us

We, Himadri Das and Manojeet Das, created PrudentParrot in 2023. Our father has been investing since 1990, and his passion for analyzing small companies has taught us many valuable lessons. Through PrudentParrot, we want to share these insights with the world.

Throughout our father’s investing journey, we witnessed the potential of identifying small companies early and holding onto them for the long term to build significant wealth. Companies like Hero Honda at ₹2, Wipro at ₹2, Eicher Motors at ₹20-25, SRF at ₹2-3, and even securing TCS IPO at ₹850 (before bonus and split) showed us the power of long-term investments.

In the past, information about companies was not easily accessible, often leading to decisions based on guesswork. We developed our interest in the stock market early on, checking stock prices in newspapers and watching news channels with our father. We even invested some of our pocket money through our Dad’s demat account, but the experience of losses taught us the importance of conducting thorough research before investing.

Our passion for learning and studying about companies intensified in early 2019, and during the Covid crash, we seized opportunities to invest in multibaggers like Poly Medicure at ₹230, Globus Spirit at ₹90, IOL Chemicals at ₹180, and Prince Pipes at ₹80.

At PrudentParrot, we are dedicated to identifying Micro and Nanocaps early on, sometimes uncovering mispriced companies that later become multibaggers. Our mission is to share our understanding with a broader audience, fostering financial literacy and reducing financial dependence for individuals.