Promising Microcaps

PrudentParrot Companies Updates for FY24

Hi Prudent Investors, this post covers the financial updates for Q4FY24 and FY24 along with some key developments happening in the companies covered in

It’s prudent to note that some companies fall under the ultra microcap category, so we must be patient and give them some time and track them closely.

Trident Techlabs Ltd: Power Systems Solutions

Established in 2000, Techlabs aimed to become a knowledge-based technology leader in engineering. Starting with a small portfolio of pre-packaged software, Techlabs understood the importance of adding value to every business deal for growth. Today, it stands as a multi-faceted corporation with a nationwide presence, dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through innovative solutions.

Resgen Ltd: Waste To Wealth

Resgen Ltd, established in 2018 is a 130 Cr Mcap company that originated from a vision to transform an environmentally beneficial project into a commercially viable venture. Addressing the pressing issue of plastic usage and the lack of a robust disposable system, the founders recognized an opportunity to utilize plastic waste by converting it into an alternative fuel source. Through an innovative approach, Resgen addresses environmental concerns as well as generates essential by-products. The primary by-products include combustible liquid and gaseous fuel, offering a sustainable substitute for diesel or furnace oils. This initiative directly contributes to reducing the demand for and impact of traditional combustible fuel resources.


CGVAK Software – A Value Conundrum

CGVAK is providing cutting-edge solutions for more than 25 years to companies around the globe. They are a group of around 300 people thriving on the 3 tenets “IDEATE, INNOVATE, CREATE”. The company helps transform businesses and organizations by delivering Digital Innovation, Product Innovation, and Modernization at business speed. They have developed tools and components …

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