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Prudent Ideas: FY24 Results Updates

Hi PrudentParrot members, this post covers the financial updates for Q4FY24 and FY24 along with some key developments happening in the companies covered in Prudent Ideas.

It’s prudent to note that some companies fall under the ultra microcap category, so we must be patient and give them some time and track them closely.

A few businesses where we find some interesting things that are happening: 

Green Hydrogen – Is it a Buzz or a Breakthrough?

Hydrogen is the lightest and simplest element in the periodic table (Atomic number 1). It is also the most abundant element in the universe. The main problem with Hydrogen is that it seldom exists alone in pure form. The element is highly reactive and can form bonds with many elements forming compounds like water (H2O) or methane (CH4). 
Now, here’s where the intrigue begins – hydrogen is not a plug-and-play fuel, it is an energy carrier which means it needs to be extracted first unlike petroleum which can be used directly as a fuel. To use Hydrogen as a fuel, it needs to be obtained in pure form, this is done by splitting molecules of water or methane.