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Architectural blueprints
The Heart of Bearings: Manufacturing for Efficiency
Even the smallest ball bearing, if overlooked, has the potential to disrupt an entire system. A company with 350 Cr Mcap is undergoing a capital expenditure with expected 4-5x asset turns. The company...
Pharma Alchemy: Oncology Beyond Conventional Formulations
A CMO/CDMO pharma company, valued at 700 Cr Mcap and boasting a 20% CAGR over the past decade, is venturing into the Oncology Segment with a substantial 194 Crore capex (FY23 Networth: 173 Crores). This...
cosmetic-containers-with-half-orange (1)
Stitching Elegance: The Textile-to-Cosmetics Transition
A 300cr company with exclusive distributorship for renowned cosmetic brands such as Moroccanoil, K18, John Paul Mitchell, etc. Currently, they are strategically expanding their presence in Tier-2, and...
Lubrication Leaps: Shifting Gears with Ease
In the world of grease and gears, one company is shifting the paradigm from manual to automatic. Incorporated in 1992, this company (Mcap 180 Cr) has a decent presence in India and across the globe. It...
Cultivating Success: The Agrochemical Symphony of Growth
Founded in 2015, this company (Mcap 800 Cr) is involved in safeguarding crops with its lineup of insecticides and herbicides. Not just the products, they also provide farmers with crop protection solutions....